I'm looking for some sponsors!  I'm looking to add some blogs/businesses I love and support to my sidebars, to show my love for them and my interest in small businesses.   Look how inexpensive it is! I'm adding new followers all the time, and traffic has a steady bottomline and is ever increasing.  I've only been live since February 7, and I've seen thousands of visitors to the site already.

I'm looking for businesses/blogs that do what I love - crafting, sewing, cooking, creating, snarky family know who you are!

Look to see this pic in the sidebars in the near future, to show you where an ad may be placed.

I think it goes without saying, but I'm also up for doing sponsored posts, giveaways, and the like.  I love to gush about the things I love, and it's so natural for me to tell the world when I really like a product.  Do you have an Etsy shop that would fit in well with what I do on the blog?  Just something to think about!

As always, thanks for reading and keeping up with me over here - I love to see you all here!

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