Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Pin Test - Accidental Weekend Project

Yum, right?  So here's the story:

So last Friday night, I came across this pin - Ham and Egg Cups, this one via The Comfort of Cooking

Crisp Ham and Egg Cups

I thought, well, it sounds good, but if it was that easy, surely everyone would make them.  

Lo and behold, Saturday morning comes, I've pinned the recipe, and coincidentally find I have everything in the recipe. And then some. 

Sweet. My boys love protein in the morning. I got to work.

I had the Black Forest Ham. I had eggs. And best of all?  I had marinated mozzarella balls, my own addition to the recipe.

 My grocery store carries this in the specialty cheese section. It's mozzarella preserved in oil and herbs, and it has a ton of flavor. It lasts a bit longer than the other kinds of mozzarella too.


Yeah, no. But awesome, right?
I put a slice of ham in each cup, put a ball of mozzarella in the grown up cups (my boys won't eat it if they see green herbs), and filled the cups with eggs. But I can't stress enough how much you should grease the pan first. So much easier to clean that way.

Finished product?

The ham crisps up, so it's almost like bacon. I pierced the eggs, since I don't like raw yolks (esp. not with the kids). The cheese melts up  on the bottom of the egg cup, and with the herbs, gives you a nice, rich flavor in each bit.

We made up some buttered toast to eat ours delicious.

So, honestly?  Make this stuff. It really is easy. And tasty.


  1. Those look so, so good! I'll have to give them a try! :D

  2. Um, whoa, that looks so delicious. Definitely making this. Definitely. Thank you! (Glad I saw this at It's Overflowing)


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